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Brochure Design Sizes to Note.

Bronze Media offers design services including brochure design. Customized brochure sizes are available here but our designers have several suggestions for all customers.


There are four standard brochure sizes on the market: 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17, and 11 x 25.5 and two sizes of multipage catalogs, 5.5 x 8.5 and 8.5 x 11 for larger projects. As a matter of experience and by convention, hey are chosen by most of companies for various purposes. Standard size brochures accord with human’s habits of reading and holding, which is the reason these four sized are set as standard.


With the four standard sizes, you can choose the most suitable one easily to convey the messages. People prefer to simplicity layout with intuitive image and key content so don’t prepare too many words unless it is necessary. In addition, leave some plain space to make the brochure look clean. Ms Chai, principle creative consultant of Bronze Media, has over 20 years’ experience in design. She always give the best suggestions on the choice of brochure design size and layout to customers.


Different brochure design sizes and layout have great effect on the deliverables. A larger format brochure is suitable to do double-duty as a catalog, such as 11 x 25.5 size. The 11 x 17 size brochure can be folded in half so that provides four 8.5 x 11 “pages” and works great for an intricate product or multiple designs with graphics, text and images. The most popular brochure size is 8.5 x 11 because it can be used in many different ways, such as a tri-fold and half-fold.  These brochures can be used for trade show and events, take-out menus, advertisements, newsletters, travel display racks, or any other type of sales brochure.


Tell us the message to convey and special requirements to meet, Bronze Media designers will deliver the suitable solution and best brochure design to you.

What is accounts Receivable?

Accounts Receivable or commonly known as AR is common term which is part of the company in-house accountant task to manage and to receive payment on monetary value from their clients after providing goods and services to them which in turn will be accounted for on the company’s balance sheet.

For example, a manufacturer of a kitchen stove will have an accounts receivable which they will bill as invoices when the Kitchen stove is delivered to the restaurant owner who is their client. Depending on the agreement contractual terms, the restaurant owner will normally have 30 days make the payment to the manufacturer with effect on the day they received the stove.

Some of the companies especially in the marine sector will sell their products and services on credit terms but often incurred certain risk that the full amount of their account receivable may not be received in time. Which unless the company has deem and justified the credit worthiness of their customer to sell their product and services on credit terms.

Part of the accountant job is also to monitor and chase for payment from their client if the payment period has expired. This is easily done as there are many accounting software tools that can allow accountant to keep track of the payment records of their customers.

In events when the payment for the accounts receivable is overdue for too long due to reasons like the customers are non-contactable or disputing on the quality and other contractual terms of the quotation. Companies will have the legal right to engage a third party debt collection agency on their behalf to chase for payments and in exchange for the service fee or certain percentage of the amounts receivable successfully collected.

Thus it is important for the company to manage the accounts receivable properly as it relays as the main source of income for the company’s balance sheet.

Types of Debt Collectors character

There are many types of debt collectors character which you may have heard of or even encounter in your life. It will depend on the debt collection agencies practice and the nature of debt which the client also known as creditor whom entrust them to collect on behalf from the personal or organization that owes money also known as debtor.

Generally speaking, debt collectors either focusing on corporate or personal debt collection and some of them can both. In the past, debt collectors in Singapore usually portray the image of those hooligans or gangsters that will use any means to force their debtors to return the money with high amount of interest that can be easily incurred on the weekly basis.

They will even resort to illegals methods to harass their debtors or guarantors that vouch on the debtor’s behalf to loan money from the money lending agencies. They can go to extremes measure such as spraying black paint to the debtor’s home or even physically abuse them to intimidate them in paying the owing amount.

Nowadays, though it is considered as crime for such activities but there are still such incidents that happened on the daily basis in Singapore.

For those professional debt collectors whom are working in debt collection agencies, they will follow a strict protocol of non-harassment but instead will adopt standard practice of Standard Operating Procedures which involves detail investigation, documents gathering and other related information before sending the Letters of demand and conducting a site visit.
This professional debt collectors usually focused on corporate debts but sometimes will be engaged by their client on personal debt matters.

Upon the initial contact with the Professional debt collectors will conduct themselves in ethical manners to negotiate the terms of payment till the debt amount is fully recovered.

In summary, the behavior or personalities of the debt collection officers will not only depend on the nature of debt that is to be collected but also the debt collection agencies’ background and the code of conduct in the debt collection industry.

Get Your Money Back with a Professional Debt Collection Company

Are you new to debt collection company?  Are you worrying about their debt collection methods? Did you connect them with violence, illegal activities and gangsters?


If you are, the article will take you to explore a new world of debt collection area.


First, debt collection company is the legal organization in most regions. They are in demand of personal creditors, companies and the whole society. Debt collection exists everywhere there are lending and borrowing, which happens when money is needed in commercial or personal purposes.  People get a loan from the bank when they buy apartments and cars. Companies borrow lots of money to develop new products and provide more services.


People can be the creditors and organizations such as banks, companies, governments can be the creditors as well. They could be rich enough to lend money but who is the best one when recovering debts? Based on our research, neither persons nor companies can collect debt efficiently. But some of them can get most and even total of lending back because they turn to the debt collection company for help.


The debt collection company is the most professional organization who is able to collect maximum debts. They have well-trained collectors and knowledgeable researchers cooperating in the team. Researchers are skilled at finding out debtors’ basic and financial information, which is much helpful to make personalized debt collection strategies. Collectors are experienced at taking actions, making phone calls, delivering mails, engaging conversations and dropping in debtors’ places. All things they do are legal, fair and reasonable, with little negative feedback.

Professionals Make Debt Recovery An Easy Task.

You must have kind of embarrassing experience at least once – your friend borrowed 50 S$ from you but forgot to pay back. You want your money back but you feel embarrassed to ask for money, or you don’t know how to start the conversation at all. Most people have no idea of the most effective and efficient way to recover debt. However, don’t miss the most important point, the money belongs to you, from beginning to end. You have the right to get your own money back, unless you don’t want it any more.


Debt recovery is time-consuming task and very few people are good at this job. People would not like to break the relationship with a friend or acquaintance when recovering debt. Some creditors always think the words to the mouth side but speak hesitatingly again. Some maybe asked the debtors a lot of time to pay back but debtors have no money.


Likely, companies suffer from the situation frequently because of commercial intercourse. I give you the products but you don’t pay for them in time, which leads to serious financial and commercial problems such as lack of circulating fund, high proportion of non-performing assets, ill fluidity and low operating efficiency. Lending could be investment but failure in debt recovery can ruin a Business empire as well.


Everyone and every company have their own strong points. It is quite normal that you cannot get your money back from debtors. But don’t worry about it, let professionals help you.


A professional debt collection company can be your best partner in business, getting your money back, managing your accounts, make personalized debt recovery strategies for you. They are trying their best to protect your property, your reputation and your regular business operation. Let them help you and make yourself concentrate on what you should focus on.

The Best Choice for Debt Collection

Debt collection is always an embarrassing thing for both creditors and debtors that is why it is time consuming and sometimes breaks the relationship between lending and borrowing parties. Did you suffering from such kind of unpleasant experience? Or did you hesitate whether to lend money to the one asked for many times?


If the debtor is a man of his word, you don’t have to worry about debt collection. But if not, you need to think about how to get you money back from the day you lend money out. I’ve seen a lot of examples that creditors finally gave up collecting their money back because of debtors’ bankruptcy or Repudiation. The situation could even go worse that creditors, no matter persons or companies, ended with very serious financial problems caused by the money not collected in time.


Therefore, debt collection is an important factor in the success of finance management.


Extra money can be used in investment and successful one could bring in more profits. Lending could be one way of investment but it must be the one with high risk. Bad debt is the worst case of lending because it take time and energy, and you are still not sure about whether the money can be collected back.


If you happen to encounter debt collection problems, it will be a better choice for you to engage with a professional debt collection company. They have targeted strategy and effective methods in debt collection. In addition, they have no relationship with your debtors thus it is easier to talk about the money issues with debtors. A lot of people do not like to ask for money back because the debtors are their friends or partners. Debt collection becomes a harder task especially in these cases. However, do you really give up your money willingly? If not, it should be your best choice to consult a debt collection company.