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The Negative image of Debt collector in Singapore

In Singapore, most people will associate the term debt collector as gangsters that will collected debt payment from debtors who either has borrow money from them to clear their gambling debt or unsecured loan from licensed moneylenders. Those debt collectors are also call “Ah … Continue reading

How to Hire a Good Debt Collector Singapore?

Selecting a debt collector can be a daunting task since we have lots of debt collection agencies in Singapore. They range from individual collectors to large collection agencies and companies. They are in various sizes and providing domestic and global services. It is quite … Continue reading

Understanding the concept of ‘Accounts Receivable – AR’

In simple terms, it is part of the accounting system that records any products or services that has been delivered or used by the customers (individuals or corporations) but not yet paid to the company. Depending on the company’s practice … Continue reading

What is accounts Receivable?

Accounts Receivable or commonly known as AR is common term which is part of the company in-house accountant task to manage and to receive payment on monetary value from their clients after providing goods and services to them which in … Continue reading

Tips of managing your finance with book accounts.

Want your money back? What makes the best way to get your money back? Get paid for your work on time and have funds in the bank. Accounts Receivables is the answer and the way to have the money coming in … Continue reading