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What is accounts Receivable?

Accounts Receivable or commonly known as AR is common term which is part of the company in-house accountant task to manage and to receive payment on monetary value from their clients after providing goods and services to them which in … Continue reading

Types of Debt Collectors character

There are many types of debt collectors character which you may have heard of or even encounter in your life. It will depend on the debt collection agencies practice and the nature of debt which the client also known as … Continue reading

Get Your Money Back with a Professional Debt Collection Company

Are you new to debt collection company?  Are you worrying about their debt collection methods? Did you connect them with violence, illegal activities and gangsters?   If you are, the article will take you to explore a new world of … Continue reading

The Best Choice for Debt Collection

Debt collection is always an embarrassing thing for both creditors and debtors that is why it is time consuming and sometimes breaks the relationship between lending and borrowing parties. Did you suffering from such kind of unpleasant experience? Or did … Continue reading

New Trends of Debt Collection Singapore

For some spenders, Singapore is a perfect place in which they spend money like water, shopping in the daytime, resting in a first-class restaurant, gaming in the casino till the next morning. It is an easy job spending millions in … Continue reading