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Facts about Legal Debt Collector in Singapore – What can debt collectors do in Singapore?

In the last chapter, I gave a brief introduction on debt collectors Singapore. They mostly serve as an agency or company, in the form of organization, to assist creditors to get money back. Since we know who the debt collectors are, … Continue reading

Facts about Legal Debt Collector in Singapore – Who is a Debt Collector?

When talking about debt collectors Singapore, a pig’s head is the first thing coming up. In the long history, debt collectors are the helper of al long, to some extent. They might not break the law but debtors were scared of … Continue reading

The concept of Debt Management

Frankly speaking, banks and other finance related companies have more or less the same policy in handling their debt management with their clients around the world. But what I am referring for this article is the approach of the business owners of … Continue reading

Debt collection agency goes global

In this quarter of 2015 we have noticed that there are many companies going global. One popular industry is taking up pace and is going global and that is debt collection. Debt collection agencies are going global because of the need for … Continue reading

Types of Debt Collectors character

There are many types of debt collectors character which you may have heard of or even encounter in your life. It will depend on the debt collection agencies practice and the nature of debt which the client also known as … Continue reading

Get Your Money Back with a Professional Debt Collection Company

Are you new to debt collection company?  Are you worrying about their debt collection methods? Did you connect them with violence, illegal activities and gangsters?   If you are, the article will take you to explore a new world of … Continue reading

Professionals Make Debt Recovery An Easy Task.

You must have kind of embarrassing experience at least once – your friend borrowed 50 S$ from you but forgot to pay back. You want your money back but you feel embarrassed to ask for money, or you don’t know … Continue reading

New Trends of Debt Collection Singapore

For some spenders, Singapore is a perfect place in which they spend money like water, shopping in the daytime, resting in a first-class restaurant, gaming in the casino till the next morning. It is an easy job spending millions in … Continue reading